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December 4–6, 2017
Decision Health 2017 Billing and Compliance Summit
Las Vegas, NV

webinarHear Penny Noyes speak December 5 on: "Payer Contracting – Assessment and Renegotiation Process Overview"

March 4–6, 2018

MGMA18 |The Financial Conference (formerly known as MGMAFMPC Conference)
Orlando, FL

webinarAttend Penny Noyes March 4 session: The Payer Contracting Process: Negotiating and Managing Like a Pro (PRE101)

webinarAttend Penny Noyes March 5 session: Weird, Vague and New Stuff in Provider Payer Agreements: Why it is in There and What to Do About it?

MGMA Adminiserve Partner

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Could your practice benefit from an in-depth look at your contracts and credentialing?

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